Saturday, December 1, 2012

And They're Off!

Today is December 1, and that means one thing....candidates for spring elections can begin to circulate nomination papers.

The three school board members whose seats are up are:

Vice President John Welke,
Caren Diedrich, and
Steve Schroeder

We suspect all three will be running for re-election.  Caren Diedrich has been publicly heard to be wavering, but she always does this.  If you watch closely at the next school board meeting, we're betting that you'll see her quietly passing her nomination papers to other board members before the meeting begins.

We like what Welke has done.  He's a natural leader who's not afraid to ask the tough questions and hold people accountable.  He's brought forward more situation reports than any other board member.  He just plain gets things done.  And done right.

We also like Steve Schroeder's business approach to managing the district.  Steve is also not shy about asking difficult questions.  Steve took over the remainder of Jim McCourt's seat after he shuffled off to land of Rice a Roni.  He deserves election to a full three year term.

Lastly, there's Caren Diedrich, who will be running for her umpteenth term.  She's been on the school board since chalkboards were all the rage.  Caren will tell you that she provides valuable history of the board.  We were not big history buffs.  We like Caren as a person, but it's time to close the book on that part of board history and get some fresh ideas.

The BIG question...
Will we see the return of Gary Alan Naud...who quickly vanished after last years election?  Will the SPARClers put up a candidate or two?