Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Living Color

Didja miss us?
We got a message from a few that were "missing the blog".

Not to worry...we ain't going' away....yet! Indeed, sometimes life DOES get in the way.  And SP-EYE needed a much deserved (if we do say so ourselves) break.'s not like the old days, when we couldn't turn our backs on the school board for even a second.  This school board of ours gets it.  Well, 71.4% of them anyway.  They are engaged. They don't even own rubber stamps.  They are interested in making solid decisions based on solid, untainted data.

Hell...this board makes our job easy.  We CAN take a break.

But that doesn't mean some issues won't crop up. Rest assured, John Whalen, we ain't going nowhere.  We're watching and learning.  And when we need to get on something...or share something of interest, we will.