Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time to Move the Timetable Up for Secure Entrances

The recent horrific event in Connecticut has touched us all.  This time, it was mere babies.  As difficult as it is, we do need to step away from grieving and take this opportunity to ask whether all our schools have secure entrances.

The reality is that two schools remain on the list for modifications to improve security.  For obvious reasons, we'll not identify those schools here.  These modifications are on the schedule for this summer and next.  That's no longer good enough.  The time is now.  Yes, it will cost upwards of $360,000, but the board has to direct administration to either find the money or take it out of fund balance and COMPLETE THESE PROJECTS ASAP.

This is not an expense with which anyone can take issue.  These are our children...our future.

Dear School Board....

Let's make this happen.