Monday, December 17, 2012

The 8 Days of Christmas

Thank goodness for vacation time...right?  Ole SP-EYE has been too busy of late, but now some much needed time to do some catching up.

And, with the holiday season upon us, Santa SP-EYE has some gifts to deliver.
We weren't sure how to go about it; so we finally just tossed names in a hat.

First up also happens to be newest board member Steve Schroeder.

For Steve, Santa has a Blu-Ray copy of what we understand is one of his most favorite-est movies:  Driving Ms. Daisy.  We really hope Steve enjoys this!

This was something on John Whalen's list, but Mr. Whalen is on Santa SP-EYE's naughty list.  Mr. Whalen won't be getting coal in his stocking though.  Santa has some other things in mind.  :)