Monday, December 24, 2012

On the 7th day of Chringe-mas

How fitting that the last remaining board member name in Santa's hat is none other than Mike Krachey. Kinda close (at least in last name) to Bob Cratchit from Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".  Close enough for government anyway.

For Mr. Krachey, Santa SP-EYE has, first and foremost, the title of Board Treasurer for 2013.  Or gut feel is that the nod was given to John Whalen this year chiefly because of his tenure, and the fall from Board President to just "member" was too hard a shove.  We think now however, that all board members not named Whalen or Diedrich very clearly see now that M. Whalen is not part of the solution.  We need a board treasurer who "gets" it.  And that should be Mike Krachey this April.

What we like about Mr. Krachey is his desire for more data.  He's like the little dude from the movie, "Short Circuit", who constantly seeks  more input.  If there's one area for M. Krachey to work on in his sophomore year, it is to be able to adjust on the fly and make decisions in the absence of all the data one would like to have. In addition, Mike is clearly an outside the box thinker.  He particularly showed that during his tenure on the Elementary Task Force.  Mike came up with an innovative approach to determining class sizes.  It needed some work, but it was an innovative idea with great potential.

To help with that, Santa has the books, "Drinking From the Fire Hose" and "How We Decide" as well desktop piece reminding him of the value he bings to the table by being an outside the box thinker.