Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jeopardy Answer: $210,000 want the question?
(1 of 3) 2012-13 Position replacements
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That would be, "What is the total amount of 2012-13 salary savings if one added up the 'Salary Difference' columns on School Board Personnel Reports since July 1, 2012?"

The producers would also have given credit if you answered, "What is the total value of Phil Frei's last (???) sock full o' money?"

Now...this needs lots of clarifying.  And perhaps we need a better, more accurate, and more frequent tabulation (hint, hint).  This is that "funny money" that suddenly gets both "found" and used at the end of the year.

We admit in advance that were not able to get some answers that would help clarify things before going to press.  Still, it's valuable information that we've kept our eye on for a number of years now.  That being said, the only column which is not completely factual is the "Total Cost/Savings column, in which we attempt to put a dollar value on the savings from Local 60 (Support Staff) replacements.  With a few clarifications, we think it's pretty solid.  As always of course, we welcome any factual information to support, refute, or supplement our findings.

Clarification #1:  The salary difference column appears to be the difference in base wages paid for a given position.  Therefore it assumes the difference over the full 2012-13 school year.  But that's not quite accurate, because these positions become vacant and are re-filled (at a lower rate) during the school year, so we do not realize the full savings unless the person leaves before the year (and salary checks) begin.
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Clarification #2: Although not often, some positions remain unfilled for some length of time.  During that time, we are expending ZERO dollars for salaries/benefits.  In those situations we are saving a whole LOT more money because of the period of time over which we incur no salary/benefit costs.

Clarification #3:  For "Support Staff", our estimate of annualized savings is determined by multiplying the hourly rate difference x the # of FTE x 8 hrs/day work schedule x 185 days of work.  Of course that is not true in every case, but we needed some point of reference...since one is not provided.

And there's nearly $200K MORE!!  
(3 of 3) 2012-13 Position replacements
The $210,000 "surplus" also does not include the 1.47 unfilled "Certified staff" or 4.72 unfilled "Support staff" positions.  Based on our analysis of an average support staff wage of $15.41 per hour, and assuming 8 hours per day and 185 days per year, that would mean an additional $106,000 (excluding benefits savings) from the Support Staff positions and about $73,500 for the Certified staff positions.  So that's like another $200K in projected surplus.  Certainly, if half the year is gone, we already have saved $100K from these 6+ unfilled positions.

All told, the potential surplus from personnel savings could approach $400,000.

Now that would buy a lot of RTI support...or....seabass dinners, both haute couture and high in Omega 3 fatty acids.   Put all this in your pipe and smoke it.

Peace. Out.
2012-13 Budgeted position allotments (11-12-12)