Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simplified Board Agenda for March 21, 2011

5.01 Human Resources & Relations Diversity Recruitment position ($ 75,000 annually)
This one has been sputtering and stalling since December 2008.  It was voted down in September, and motion to fill the position failed last month.  No new information is offered to support rationale that this position will solve--or at least be the linchpin in solving-- the districts minority staff recruitment and retention efforts.  Many things have been tried without success.  Some believe that this year, even without the position, may be easier for us to fill the expected 71 openings with some minorities as some districts with more diverse staff will have to CUT positions.  This is a Hail Mary effort to hire the position this year.  It has already been inserted into the budget as a budget parameter...UNLESS the school board takes action to remove it. 

6.02 Open Enrollment
92 students applying to ENTER (net 72 new to Sun Prairie)
150 students applying to LEAVE (net 32 existing student loss)  
A net increase will translate to need for further costs this year; next year (hopefully) we will receive more equalized aid due to the increase.

6.03 DO Remodel Project ($240,000 one-time)
 This is the gift that keeps on giving.  It started as a (seemingly) innocent $75K capital project.  Then we were told that it would cost $150K.  When all the questions are asked, it now sounds like $240K.  We don't particularly care for the smoke and mirrors, and the need is arguable.
6.04 Ashley Field Request for Cash#1:  $4,500 for architectural work
$1.7M ESTIMATE for the total package.  This starts the ball rolling. 

6.05 Raze the farmhouse located on the former Grosse property at 3550 Highway 19 in Sun Prairie
The building needs up to $24K of maintenance to make it rentable.  One pundit likens it to "the Money Pit".  Does the school board really want to get into the landlord business?  We don't think so.  Other options include selling the building and an acre or so "as is".  That would puts some cash in the coffers.  

6.07 Tim Culver's now infamous contract changes (6 wishes whittled to 5)
§ Please see Attachment 1 for analysis and discussion of the specific changes,
§ Please see Attachment 2 for the addendum of changes proposed to the employment contract.  Note: this addendum has slight language changes differing from the analysis in Attachment 1 due to final recommendations of the district’s legal counsel.
§ Please see Attachment 3 for a copy of the current employment contract

7.03 Replacement of Diving Boards (up to $6,800 one-time)
 Why is this under the "Consent Items" portion of the agenda---usually reserved for items the board is expected to unilaterally--and quickly---approve.  Heck, the freakin' Pool Manager even said we don't need new diving boards.  Exactly TWO SP kids even dive!  And the boards we purchased, while not tippity top shelf, are WIAA acceptable and more than "good enough".

8.05 Tim Culver's plea for Equity (we LOSE $32,500 by doing what Culver proposes)
Interesting from several angles, notably that NOW Culver is preaching equity when it affects the big dogs' collective take home pay.  No one seems concerned that his proposal would still leave the Local 60 folks paying more than their fair share.

And why is this under "Informational Items"?  Shouldn't the board be proposing some ACTION?
Culver: "We aren't strapped for this $32,000 in this year’s budget".  SP-EYE: "$32K would buy an awful lot of school supplies."