Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Price Is Right?

How about a shorter route to what's going on at this week's school board and committee meetings.  We'll tell you the cost up front AND provide a quick link to the info!

First up is the FTT Committee meeting, where somebody wants to spend:
---$240K to remodel the district office
---$1.7M to upgrade Ashley Field
---$240K of referendum surplus for a greenhouse and new diving boards.

Monday, March 14, 2011
FACILITIES, TECHNOLOGY & TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE MEETING (Revised), 5:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 300 E. Main St., Sun Prairie. Chair: David Stackhouse

3. Committee Business Items
3.01 Consideration of Bids for District Office Remodeling and Upgrades to the Electrical for the Main Data Room ($240K) 
3.02 Discuss and Act on Ashley Field Improvements  ($1.7M)
3.03 Discuss and Act on Grosse Farm House ($23.6K)
3.04 Discuss Pool Diving Boards ($3,400-7,800)
3.06 Discuss and Act on a Greenhouse at the High School ($230K)


Then we have the full school board meeting, where somebody wants to spend:
---what will add up to over $10M on a "minor revisions" to the Kobussen busing contract.  These amendments contains a critical  "addendum" which was missing from the original plus many language changes.  Hmmmm

---$62K to "re-do" the brand new bleachers at Summit Field (but they don't want you to know that (A) insufficient were purchased, and (B) with the ones purchased, the first 5-8 rows have their view blocked by the dugouts.

---a decision to "spend" the rest of the $1.1M in EdJobs Fund money and "put it in fund balance"...yeah....rrrright!

---$90K to extend the contract for Youth Advocates. 

---Last but not least is a change to policy regarding "Complaints" or "Concerns" regarding the district.  Know which one you have/had?  Does the district know?  Is there a difference?  How do you "get heard"?

REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING (Revised), 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 300 E. Main St., Sun Prairie. President: John Whalen
4. Old Business
4.01 Revisions to Kobussen Transportation Contract (~$10M)

5. New Business
5.04 Consideration of Bleachers for Summit Field  ($62K)

5.05 Spending Remaining $1.1M of Education Jobs Fund Money in the 2010-2011 Fiscal Year

5.06 Consideration of Contract for Youth Advocates ($90K)

5.07 Revise Policy BDDI, Public Concerns, and Procedure BDDI-R, Procedures for Handling Public Suggestions, Concerns and Complaints - 1st reading