Saturday, March 5, 2011

What An Awesome Idea! Why Didn't WE Think of This?

Apparently, the 3rd time IS the charm :)

School Supply Lists Simplified For 2011-2012 School Year
School supply lists for the upcoming school year are now available for students in SP4K - Grade 7.  Parents and families will notice a change to the lists as they are consistent for all elementary and middle schools by grade level.   Fourth grade students across the district will have the same list - no matter which school they attend.  The new lists also contain fewer items to make school supply shopping more economical for families.   For more information and to check out the supply lists, please visit the district website at

 "During the past few months, principals have been working with the teachers and Building Leadership Councils to review the school supply lists...In the past, the lists had become unique -- by school and sometimes by individual teacher. This uniqueness had caused the list of supplies to become costly and some of the requested items were hard to find.
 We are committed to using these lists with consistency through 2011-2012.  Feedback will be sought from parents and teachers with modifications made, if needed, for 2012-2013"
---Alice Murphy, Assistant District Administrator of Instructional Programs.

A round of applause to the school district for finally listening on what has become a significant --and questionable-- investment for struggling families.

Why didn't WE think of it?
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