Friday, March 18, 2011 NOW you Want Equity, Eh???

Tim Culver wants equity? Puuh-LEEZE! 
" is in my heart to speak up for these 31
employees and say let all employees take the pain at the same time."
                                                ---District Administrator Tim Culver
Equity? or a 12" pianist?
 Oh...sure he wants that it's his wallet (and that of other administrators and admin support staff) that is taking the hit. 

Where was Culver's desire for equity over the past number of years while Local 60 folks have continually received the short end of the stick and basically been screwed, blued, and tattooed!??? 

Culver wants the board to hold off until July 1 before requiring the Culver bunch to pay their 5.8% contribution to the WRS system and increase their share of health insurance to 9%. Hello!!!! Local 60 know ...the ones that are barely making ends meet NOW...have been paying 9% of the health insurance premiums for some time now! link to our earlier post on the issue

How about what's good for the goose now becomes good for the gander, eh?
This would save the school district over $32,000 THIS YEAR!  We're feeling a tad Robin Hoodie and would like to see the HAVEs start helping out the HAVE NOTs.....NOW!

Read Culver's plea in the form of a Situation Report
Culver's proposed motion: 
“For those employees with whom the Board does not have a contractual provision that obligates the employer to pay the employee's share of the Wisconsin Retirement System, the Board shall, for internal compensation equity purposes, reimburse the affected employee an amount equivalent to the employee's Wisconsin Retirement System share of WRS, as required by Senate Bill 11.  The compensation shall appear as miscellaneous income to the employee on the employee's W-2 only for a period of the first payroll after March 13, 2011, through and including June 30, 2011.”

We'd like to make a motion from the floor, please.  How's about...

Motion: The board shall take action to implement 5.8% WRS contributions and 9% health insurance premiums effective 4-1-11 (and that's no April Fool) for all Administrative and Administrative Support staff.  The effective "savings" from these contributions during the 2010-11 school year shall be used to purchase 2011-12 school supply packages for students who qualify for free/reduced lunches.

How do you like them apples?