Sunday, March 6, 2011

Has Anyone Noticed....

  • ...Tim Culver seems to have quietly dropped the "Superintendent" title?
  • ...John Whalen still says, "All in favor say 'aye'; all opposed same sign"?
  • ...that there are 2 classrooms in Creekside Elementary (opened fall 2008) that have never had a class in them!
  • ...People are up in arms about the Governor potentially selling power plants without bids, yet the Sun Prairie School Board didn't bid the architectural work (~5% fee) for any of the last $150-$200 MILLION of school construction projects?
  • ...speaking of architects, one reader astutely points out that in each of the many meetings regarding high school design, we were told that we didn't bid out the work because our architect "knew what we needed".  So how come we now need $76K for different bleachers and diving boards?
  • ....during the 2-28-11 board meeting, board President John Whalen let many folks speak freely with no time limit, yet he tried to cut off the one gentleman who offered a critical perspective to the contracts issue?
  • ....we seem to have had a lot of issues with construction (bleachers, pool, diving boards, to name a few)...didn't we pay a Construction Manager $7500 per month to make sure this DIDN'T happen?
  • ...the school district has provided a financial boon to a number of companies and individuals, yet some are glaringly missing from the list of "sponsors"?

This last one is off the topic, but another alert reader pointed it out:

  • ... [Sun Prairie Alderman] Zach Weber and Governor Scott Walker look like they could be brothers