Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who IS Tom Weber?

We're doing things a bit differently this year.  We have historically prepared questions for candidates.  But what use is it when only the challengers (and the occasional intrepid incumbent) respond?  

We have 2 seats available, with 2 incumbents, and the newcomer (relatively speaking) Tom Weber.  We know what we have in our incumbents.  Jill Camber-Davidson has stepped out of her shell and shown us what a force she can be.  David Stackhouse, a 2-term board member, is who we thought he was.

So we figured what you NEED to know, is a little bit more about Tom Weber.

In his own words, Tom Weber is...
  • Lifelong Wisconsin resident
  • Sun Prairie resident for over 16 yrs
  • Business owner in Sun Prairie for 16 years
  • Married (19 yrs) to Heidi
  • Two children in Sun Prairie schools
         - Madeline - 6th grade
         - Austin - 3rd grade
  • University of Wisconsin - Stout
         - BS in Industrial Technology
         - BS in Business Administration
  • Current School Board Finance Committee Member
  • Committee Chair - Royal Oaks School Community Organization
  • Cubmaster Pack 443
  • Eagle Scout

WHY Tom Weber?
Very challenging times lie ahead for school districts in Wisconsin. Every challenge, however, is an opportunity to do something positive. I am extremely enthusiastic and ready, willing and able to sit at the table with teachers, staff, administration and the community at large to determine how we get through the next few years in a positive manner and achieve an unsurpassed culture of teaching and learning in Sun Prairie Area Schools. I know that together we can rise above these challenges as a premier school district in our state.

I want to establish a budget that is based on community driven priorities. Tough economic times in our community and looming budget cuts to school district funding require us to stay extremely focused on our priorities.  Priorities will help drive the budget to a point of fiscal responsibility and reasonable taxes. Without priorities the process collapses, costs rise and ultimately taxes go up. We all prioritize our budgets at home and there is no reason we shouldn't do the same in our school district.

Our focus needs to stay clearly on community driven priorities. Here are Tom's top priorities:
o Spend resources on programs that directly affect our children and their education.
o  Maintain the highest quality and most professional teaching staff possible. Our children learn from teachers.
o  Provide our teachers with the resources and supplies needed to do their job to the highest degree.
o Assure safe, clean and healthy learning environments for our students, teachers and staff.
o Maintain a balanced budget and pay for new initiatives only through reductions in other areas of the budget.

Here's What Matters to Tom Weber
Common sense solutions. Let's keep it simple and think out-of-the-box.
Fiscal responsibility. We need to respect people's money and invest it wisely in our school system.
Clear justification to the public on any budget increases.
Embrace the challenges in front of us and resolve to settle for only positive outcomes.
Listen carefully to people; Research, evaluate and only then make a decision.
"I am not a politician. I am here for one reason -
 A passion for making Sun Prairie Area Schools all they can be."

          -- Tom Weber