Saturday, May 21, 2011

Message Ignored: Rolling the Dice At the Board Table?

Maybe we need to schedule a hearing exam, but what we heard at the May 16th FTT meeting was that the Committee needed (read: expected) to see much more detail before approving the 2011-12 Buildings & Grounds budget (including its Capital Projects budget).

In fact, many of the concerns still exist.  For example, the "Summer Maintenance projects" are virtually unchanged, and are nearly identical to what was listed in LAST YEAR's budget.

What do you think Slider thinks?
We also heard the motion from Committee to forward the Buildings and Grounds 2011-12 budget to the school board for consideration.  We didn't hear any approval of this budget by the FTT. Nor did we hear the FTT Committee forwarding the budget for school board approval.

What's going on?  Is the District Office choosing to roll the dice and hope it has 4 board members who will support and approve this budget?  Bet Slider hasn't seen a gutsier move than this since Maverick put on the breaks and let Jester Fly right by.

You decide.  Take a look at the documents presented at the May 16th meeting and then the documents provided for this Monday's (May 23) full school board meeting.  We don't see any new substance.  The board may have cut the Capital budget by 15% and the General B&G budget by $14,000, but there still is no explanation for why projects identified are the same as in previous years.  We don't think that's adequate.

Monday May 16th agenda
Monday May 23 agenda