Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quotable Quotes from the School Board Budget "Work-Study" Session

 On the idea of spending $165,000 for 7,000 of hiring retired teachers to serve as Reading Interventionists:

"I'm gonna throw a little cold water on that[idea]. We have trouble finding substitutes. How are we going to find [retired] teachers that won't disappear during the winter months?
--Caren Diedrich

On the district administration's "plan" to convert Building & Grounds budget dollars to money to hire an FTE "utility" worker.
"What we heard was, 'try to find [money for staff] within your budget'."
--Phil Frei

In response to questioning regarding why the Building & Grounds plan to convert budget dollars to an FTE was an "Informational" agenda item, instead of something the Committee voted on.
"Really, the Committee Chair's role is to decide what is brought forth as information vs. action."
--Jim McCourt

"If people start shifting money around and we change the staffing percentages, I'm concerned. I would like to see a budget justification [for any new positions]."
--Jill Camber Davidson

On the issue of what the school board's role is in budgeting:
"We set the parameters and say that you, the Administration, are the experts...until we see something really amiss. [The board] saying that 'Lisa Dawes shouldn't have a cell phone' is not the role we want to play."
--Jim McCourt

"I'm OK with saying that the overall budget we want to be + or - [something]. We have a District Administrator that we're comfortable with making these decisions."
--John Whalen

On the question of spending $350K to improve security at Royal Oaks elementary.
"But would have it been cheaper to add an external vs. internal secure entryway? That was a question I asked that was not answered."
--Terry Shimek

On the issue of whether Buildings & Grounds budget was over-inflated.
"I do not want one damn hole in any damn roof!"
--Caren Diedrich

On no particular issue. Diedrich got up from the table and just started spinning her chair around.
"This chair is going down [or around??]!"
--Caren Diedrich