Friday, May 13, 2011

Better Tie That Down Before it Floats Away!

Many folks have commented that the district's Building & Grounds (B&G) "Capital Projects" budget is as bloated as a week-old deer carcass on a hot July day. This budget hovers annually around $1,000,000 and is typically broken down in pieces "estimated" to the nearest $25,000. Nice, eh. And they expect the community to continue to buy that happy crappy?

You know how Phil Frei always can seem to "find" money in the budget when needed? The B&G Capital Projects budget just sits out there and appears to serve as the district's version of Stashitwear.

Take a look at the last 3 years of Capital Budget projections, and see for yourself. See all those blue arrows? That's where an expenditure magically appeared in the next year's budget. Does that mean it didn't get done? If not, what happened to the money budgeted for it previously? And if an item did get accomplished, why are we RE-BUDGETING for it again?

Did they just mail it in?  This is absolutely embarrassing, reprehensible, and stands out as YET ANOTHER piece of questionable data coming out of the district office. It's no wonder that --thanks to John Welke--- the school board took notice and voted to reduce this proposed budget by 15% for 2011-12.  Even spendaholic Jim McCourt felt that a 10% cut was warranted.

The real question is: why is this shoddy work allowed to come forward and be presented to the public? Who's accountable? Oh...that's right...Dr. "Can I get a tax shelter" Culver is. 

As the great Mr. Miyagi noted about his famed "crane technique", the great thing about this data is that the district "no can defend" it. There is simply no defense which can rationalize their "budgeting".