Sunday, May 8, 2011

And For Their Next Trick...

Will they convert 1000 cases of copier paper into a teacher?

Certainly if they can toss a few buildings and grounds ingredients and create an FTE Utility Worker, creating a teacher position out of a bunch of copier paper is not so hard to fathom...right? Heck, enough of this requiring one ream of paper per kid in the school supply list happy crappy. if we made every kid in the district bring in a case of copier paper, we could hire SIX teachers!

Mix the following ingredients:
5,000 Personal Services
500 Employee Travel
500 Apparel
5,000 Equipment Components
3,000 Equipment Addition
4,500 Equipment Replacement
500 Equipment Rent

Add about $11,000 of Seasonal Hire budget to taste.
Bake approximately 2 months.
Makes one Utility Worker
Serves a district of 7,000 students.