Friday, May 6, 2011

Oops...They Did It Again!

Britney Spears is seriously gonna start copyright infringement proceedings.

Those of you that peruse the Municipal Court News for giggles may have noted (pg 4, Section 1, col. 3, Sun Prairie Star, May 5, 2011) that ONCE AGAIN, we the taxpayers are going to have to pony up $63.60 to pay for YET ANOTHER citation for failure to remove snow from sidewalks (March 1).

Come on, people! This is like the 4th...possibly 5th... occasion in the past 2-3 years! Are you telling us that we employ 75 Building & Grounds staff and NO ONE could get this taken care of? Really? REALLY!

Mistakes happen...we're all human. But when the same mistakes keep happening over and over again, someone needs to be accountable.

Or to recall those memorable words from TopGun,

"Damn, that's [at least] twice!
I want some butts!"