Thursday, April 16, 2009

Under Tim's Bus...

Begging 1000 pardons from Mick Jagger and Keith Richards...

Under Admin's bus..
like a deer in headlights
Under Admin's bus,
Who'll be the next one in his sights?

Its down to Tim,
oh thats what I said
The way he slumps down in his chair
Down to Tim
No change for us,
He's drivin' Admin's bus

There you have it ladies and gents...the latest person tossed under the Administration Bus is none other than lame duck high school principal Paul Keats.

The issue? At Monday's Finance Committee meeting citizen representative asked why the taxpayers paid over $1700 for a 3-night hotel stay (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) for an Academic Decathlon (AcaDec) competition which ran from Monday through Tuesday. And the hotel was on West Johnson street just 10 miles from Sun Prairie! us...we'll get to THOSE details in a bit. Like Pavlov's dogs, we'll let you stew a bit and salivate a bit longer.

Mealy asked who authorized the hotel stay for 2 nights before the competition even began.

The answer (Phil Frei and Jim McCourt) : Paul Keats.

Mealy asked further...Did Mr. Keats authorize this expense alone, or is there administrative approval as well.
The answer: The Management Team approved it...BUT...BUT... Mr. Keats requested it.

The bus pulled up and Mr. Keats was promptly tossed under it.

Now...get your "I got Bussed by Admin" T-Shirt!