Friday, April 10, 2009

Basketball HeadCoach Issue on Board Agenda Monday 4-13-09

What we know so far is that Administration's recommendation is to continue the co-head coach debacle for the boy's varsity basketball team.

We know that that decision will cost the taxpayers an additional $5,000 per year.

We also know that every single college and professional sports team has ONE coach. Of course Jay Cutler may have liked to have another coach to turn to in Denver...but we digress.

Do a FEW high school teams have co-head coaches? Sure....but a VERY few. And a very few of us would have decadent dinners --like, say, sea bass-- if we could stick the taxpaying community with the bill. Yes, some people do. But it's not the norm, and it's not right. And it make no sense. Just like two head coaches.

So...what will our school board do? They remain intact after the election, so they can't claim that some newbies messed the decision up. This one is on them. Entirely.

Will they support administration's decision? (as the board is wont to do) Or will they make a stand, part ways with administration, and direct them to axe one of the coaches. Oh...and wait till you see what administration has cooked up for the guillotine! It's brilliant! Sheer genius! If the board opts against supporting what the administration "intends" (note the most excellent switch of the villian role), then they'll lay off BOTH coaches and then use "contractual rules" to determine who gets called back for the solitary head coach position.

These decisions aren't fun....but that's what comes with sitting up at the big table.

If you have a position on the issue, or something to say, be at the City Municipal building by 7:30 Monday April 13, 2009.