Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Changing of the Guard

Last night the school board held their annual officer elections. The STAR will carry the final results, of course; but (as is usually the case) the tale is not really told by results alone. The silence among audience members was palpable. The body language and facial features of board members, as the results were sequentially tallied, spoke volumes.

Rod Stewart once sang about how "every picture tells a story". Well, folks, this is one school board cable replay or DVD you do not want to miss. The board members finally are starting to show signs that they get it....that they understand what the community is looking for in terms of leadership on the school board.

This board clearly understood that the community wanted a change in leadership. David Stackhouse was not voted in for any officer position; nor was Caren Diedrich. In fact, look carefully at the vote totals. There's a story within this story. So...the board listened. Now, we get to see if they'll listen to the other messages we are sending.

Congratulations to John.e.Boy Whalen for compounding the interest on his election winnings. And congratulations to the other officers as well. How about a NEW start where you listen more carefully and not just nod your heads, feign concern, and then just vote the way administration recommends. How about--this year-- you consider what the community who elected you desires?