Friday, April 3, 2009

American Incumbents: WWSS

Remember those bracelets, "WWJD", standing for "What Would Jesus Do"? Seeing that another Idol season is in overdrive, how about a twist on the old WWJD with a contemporary spin: WWSS, standing for "What Would Simon Say".

It's perfect! We're down to the wire in an other spring election season, and there's much talk that one of the incumbents is in jeopardy of being ousted --a la MaryEllen Havel-Lang last year--by write-in candidate John Welke. American Idol head judge Simon Cowell has garnered fame for his trademark witty, sarcastic, but dead=on evaluation of Idol contestants. While ditsy Paula Abdul goes for decorum with her mothering style of trying to say something nice about everyone, Simon remains the realist.

Of course incumbent school board candidate John E Whalen (anyone remember that drummer from Cheap Trick? Bun E Carlos? Doesn't it just seem like Mr. Whalen should go by "John E"? But we digress) will claim SP-EYE is endorsing Welke. You know what? So what if we do? Welke has done an outstanding job of running a serious campaign to show that he is engaged in this school district. Welke stands for all the things this district lacks: accountability, transparency, fiscal responsibility, fidelity to funding, and giving our teachers a more prominent role in decision-making without fear of reprisal. More to the point, Welke is not all cozy with district administrator Culver. An employer-employee relationship --as the board is supposed to have with Culver-- just cannot cross the lines that it has for many years. Welke is not afraid to stand up and say "No" to district administration.

So....where would Simon stand on the incumbents (in ballot order)? WWSS?