Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Voters Weigh In; Scales Tip for Whalen

The tribe has spoken.

Despite an admirable write-in campaign effort by John Welke, we'll be seeing the same old faces at the school board table.

The unofficial results (which do not include city of Madison precincts) were:

John Whalen 3,425
Terry Shimek 3,146
Al Slane 2,565
John Welke 788

For those wondering why the school board results were nowhere to be found last night, either on TV or on any known websites,
"the Dane County election results website, which the TV and other media use
for results, did not have Sun Prairie Area School Board results on their website
because they considered this election as 'uncontested'."

While we received numerous reports that JohnE Whalen had a heavy heart about continuing his role on the school board, clearly the voters had no such qualms. Perhaps Mr. Whalen's viability as a candidate was hugely under-estimated. Clearly Mr. Whalen was shown the love--big time-- and that kind of massive vote total launches him into instant celebrity status. We haven't seen that kind of voting for school board since the 2006 elections, and those numbers were heavily weighted by the 2-high school referendum on the table at the time.

Congratulations to misters Whalen, Shimek, and Slane for their re-election!

Speaking of celebrity status, we've tossed the idea of celebrity look-alikes around for some time, as a number of people have made mention that certain board members could be dead ringers for celebrities. It seems fitting, given Mr. Whalen's ballot box bulging vote total, that we start with Mr. Whalen for our school board celebrity look-a-likes. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you John E Boy Whalen: