Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is Lack of Oversight an Oversight?

Who's the captain of this ship? In theory, it's David "I'm a Leader Not a Follower" Stackhouse, current board president .

Well, Captain....your board policy says that the board will receive a quarterly report of all bid items between $10 and $25K.

Since this quarterly report has not been included with any board package, are we to conclude that you aren't following this policy?

Or is it that you aren't following the policy which specifies that bids are required?

1. Bidding Approval
The Board shall approve any bids or quotations as required by state or federal law, and all quotations and/or bids greater than $25,000, except as otherwise provided. Any bid needing Board approval will first go to a Board sub-committee, when practical, for approval and then to the Board, unless it is an emergency purchase.

2. Budget and Purchases
All school district purchases shall conform to the current fiscal year budget. All unbudgeted purchases shall be submitted to the School Board for approval.

3. School Board Oversight The Finance Committee shall ensure that all district purchases are in compliance with board policy, the proposed or approved budget, and state and federal laws, then forward their recommendations to the School Board. A quarterly report will be given to the School Board on bid items between $10,000 and $24,999.