Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday July 18th Agenda: Attend Public Hearing on the Schools Budget

Note:  The district wants to spend more money and wants to exceed the school board's budget parameter of having the tax levy increase not exceed 3.5%.  Of course, they don't want to give anything up to accomplish this, they just want to raise property taxes.  

The Sun Prairie School Board Finance Committee will hold another Public Hearing on the proposed budget on Monday, July 18, at 7 pm at the School District Office (501 S. Bird St.).  We were pleased to see more than 40 community members at the June public hearing and hope even more will be able to attend on July 18th. Your input is very important to the budget process and the future of Sun Prairie's schools!
Recent developments since the last public hearing include:

1.  The State of Wisconsin released it's first state aid estimate for our school district.  Unfortunately, Sun Prairie's state aid is projected to decrease by 6.2%, which represents an additional $730,000 loss in aid than was discussed at the June public hearing.

2.  The total loss in state aid from 2010-2011 to this year will be over $2 million.  We had expected and planned for a loss in aid of $1,300,000, but did not expect to lose the additional $730,000.

3.  The School Board will be discussing options to address the loss of state aid.
More information is available on the district website.  Link is: