Sunday, July 24, 2011

District Dials Back Desire

The 2011-12 budget is the main agenda item for tomorrow's Finance Committee meeting (6:00pm, City Municipal Bldg).

The Management Team believes that all of the unfunded budget initiatives are very important. At this time, we recommend the first two of the unfunded budget priorities be put in the budget:

1.      Respond proactively to diversity and improve equitable learning opportunities for all students with an action plan funded at $54,000. (Attachment 1)

2.      Provide $165,000 to increase Reading and Math intervention services for struggling elementary level students. (Attachment 2)

The cost of these two initiatives is $219,000. This would require increasing the tax levy to 3.95%

To do this would require modification of the School Board’s Budget Parameter #8. (Attachment 3) somebody partially listening?
Now, the next step is for them to give something up to get something....and drop the tax levy below 3.5%