Sunday, July 17, 2011

Innovation Vs. Expenditure...Now There's An Idea!

How much has the Sun Prairie School District over the past decade on software or purchased services from some questionably qualified "trainer"? You want money to fund initiatives? How about taking this idea and running with it.
Complete an Open Education Resource Scan - What are you paying for in your district with educational technology? What outcomes have you realized? Is there an open free alternative? Can this resource be shared among multiple users for multiple purposes?
Example: Are you paying for a learning management system and creating your own content? Or, are you using a free engine and wrapping it around content not just for instruction but for professional development as well.
After all...we are one of the most technically competent districts...right? And don't we have the most talented staff? about looking into open source software and inserting our own knowledge to produce training materials? Why don't we let our staff learn from each other? They are not all clones. They all have different skills...why don't we put them to good use? Or is administration afraid that they'd be shown up?