Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who's "WE", Jim?

Slide from the July 18th public hearing on the school district budget:

How can the School Board fund the [$600K] budget initiatives?
Reduce other areas of the budget, which is not recommended by administration.
Increase the tax levy to support the budget initiative(s).

We found it very interesting that school board member and Finance Chair Jim McCourt very clearly stated at the July 18th public budget hearing, "
"WE don't think we can reduce other areas of the budget"
Who exactly is "we", Jim?

Were you speaking as if you were part of administration?  Because you're not?
Were you speaking for the Finance Committee?  Because you can't.
Hopefully you weren't speaking for the entire school board, Jim.  Because this issue has never been discussed at the board table.  How would you even know whether a majority of the board feels this way?  Can you say, "walking quorum"?  There...we knew you could!

WE think that you owe the public an explanation.  To whom exactly were you were referring when you said, "WE don't think we can reduce other areas of the budget to fund these initiatives."?

Enquiring minds would like the answer.
Oh...and on behalf of the multitude of senior citizens on fixed incomes (because Social Security has been frozen for 2 years) know...the ones that supported this district for many years....need to know why a 3.5% tax levy increase isn't more than enough already, let alone 4.8%