Saturday, June 4, 2011

Storm Clouds over DeForest; Hot Air Gusting at Bales Strength

The heat is officially here...and we don't just mean the 90 degrees yesterday.  It's much hotter than that in DeForest!
Local media have picked up on the ridiculous "equity adjustment" raises given to DeForest Area Administrators.  The issue is out there, and so far all we're hearing is empty rhetoric in response.

Our question is this:  who exactly in in charge over there?  All we hear from is DA Bales.  Last we checked, the Board of Education is HIS boss.  Why are we hearing so much from Bales and not enough from ELECTED board members to explain themselves?

The interviews themselves speak volumes.  Look at the tag cloud created from Bales' own words.  Ut's pretty clear what's on Bales' mind....and, more importantly...what is not.

What's a tag cloud?