Saturday, June 11, 2011

Up For School Board Vote: 2.0% Increase for Administrators

At Monday's (June 13th) School Board meeting, the board will consider increases to administrator pay that result in a net 2% increase in salary. Note that 2% is a figure based on the salary pot for 2010-11.  Assuming that (A) replacement administrators will not get any increases, that means the average per administrator will amount to MORE than 2%.  As usual, some administrators get very healthy increases, while those in Culver's doghouse will net less than the average.

This recommendation includes administrators with the exception of the District Administrator, who will be
determined separately.
Effective for the 2011-2012 contract year:
1. Increase employee Medical Insurance contribution from 5% to 9% (or 10% without a Health Risk
Assessment).  [SP-EYE note: Because SPASD obtains insurance a a lower rate than state employees, the district is requiring employees to pay 9% of insurance premiums  rather than the 12% required of state/county/municipal employees]
2. Administrators shall pay the employee’s required deposit to the Wisconsin Retirement System.
(Currently 5.8%.)
3. Eliminate mileage stipends and move the $25,425 from “stipend” to regular salary. The amount of
each stipend currently received is the amount that will be transferred to each administrator’s base salary.
Administrators will be able to claim mileage on the same basis as other district employees.  [SP-EYE note:  Although this is technically not "new" money, as it previously was paid as a stipend, it is now added to salary, which affects income on retirement.  Since administrators will now be able to request reimbursement for travel within Dane Co. IN ADDITION to the increased salary, it does represent increased income.]
4. Add $25,082 to the administrative salary pool for 2011-2012 for distribution via the performance pay
system.  [SP-EYE note:  This amounts to about 1% of 2010-11 administrator salary pool.  Note, however, that with several administrators leaving, that means less administrators to "share" in the money pot.  That means more per administrator on average.]
5. Make the changes above and other ‘housekeeping’ corrections as marked in the attached document.

Whaddyathink?  Slam dunk that the school board votes 7-0 to approve these raises?