Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Teachers across the state need to exercise caution when answering the door this summer. 35 years after the summer of "JAWS", there are reports of a new shark loitering in Wisconsin: the WEAC-shark.

this from an article in a recent edition of the "Wisconsin School Refomer":
June 21, 2011
 Will WEAC use intimidation to force union members to pay dues?
Union calls for summer “home visits” to convince members to pay

" WEAC has started the process of collecting members’ bank information so the union can automatically deduct dues. But union officials are clearly worried that many of their members, once freed from mandatory participation, will drop out and refuse to pay.     So they’re relying on some favorite old tactics to keep the revenue flowing – group intimidation and door-to-door thuggery. 
     Ron Brandt, president of Southern Lakes United Educators (a subgroup of WEAC), recently spread the word that the union is looking for members to do “home visits” to those teachers who decline to share their bank information."

"Candy" gram? 
We bet some of you thought there would be a different angle to the story beneath the headline ;-)
Oh trust us...there IS more to come on THAT subject.  Stay tuned!