Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lord of the purse stRings

As the school board ponders ( there really any pondering going on?) pay raises for school district administrators, let there be no mistake as to who holds the purse strings.

According to law, the school board, elected to represent the district residents, SHOULD hold the purse strings. Sadly, this board, like most past boards, hands the purse strings over to the District Administrator.

Last fall, Dr. Culver attacked community resident John Welke, proclaiming that Welke had "ulterior motives", when Welke asked some pointed and valid questions regarding SAGE program compliance.

Now it would seem that similar allegations could be levelled at Culver. Reports abound that the district staff are not as enamored with Culver as their leader as once they may have been. So how does a leader regain his disbanding flock? Perhaps by fighting for 3.8% compensation package increases when the rest of the community, region, nation, and world are facing job and wage cuts, furloughs, and the burden of paying an increased share of healthcare costs.

Just as Culver accused Welke of having ulterior motives, it can be argued that Culver now is the one operating with ulterior motives. For, after all, Culver indeed is the Lord of the Purse Strings for the Sun Prairie School District. He supported a 3.8% increase for teachers (4.2% salary), a 3.8% increase for administrative support staff and administrators. But...geee....those poor Local 60 folks are stuck with the 3.25% they bargained last year. Too bad, so sad for them...right?

Self serving interests, perhaps?
Culver's motives strike another chord in the ulterior motives sonnata. Could it be that Dr. Culver is cleverly lining up the dominos so that down the road they all fall neatly in a line to further his own interests? Consider for a moment, that if Culver helps to secure 3.8% for the teachers, 3.8% for Administrative support staff and then 3.8% for Administrators, it would be pretty hard for the school board to not give HIM a 3.8% raise...right? Got your thinking caps on school board members? Are you getting this?

Wake up, school board! For once, just TRY to tell the community how much you value the administration in words, but keep our wallets securely in your pocket. Tell Administration that you appreciate their willingness to drop their "entitled" 4.5% increases to 3.8% and tell them that if it's 3.8% they want...fine...but furloughs will be enacted...10 days for those with 260 day contracts. Yes, it will be hard to do that. But you weren't elected to wield a rubber stamp.

Oh...and when Culver's "raise" comes up for discussion, perhaps it's time to "red-circle" him.