Saturday, July 4, 2009

Slippin' It Past the Goalie Pt. 2: Admin Support Raises

Remember last summer when Admin tried to slip one by the goalie and give the Business Services position a $5.00 PER HOUR raise? And the school board was caught flatfooted (ex Prez Stackhouse> "I didn't see anything about a $5.00 per hour raise...")? So the board -- in their infinite wisdom, reduced the raise to only (ONLY!!!!) $2.50 PER HOUR? And then...they agreed to conduct a job survey (which...ahem.. cost us $9,000)?

Fast forward to Monday night's HR committee meeting, because it all comes together when they unveil their new plan for Administrative Support pay raises. The plan...which they have NOT shared as yet...calls for raising the pay grid maximums an AVERAGE of 10.6%. But there's a "lot of spread"...meaning some will increase far MORE than 10.6%!!!!! NEWSFLASH, sportsfans.....if the UPPER end is raised by an average of 10.6%...then so is the LOWER end!!! That's how these grids work. heard it RAISES. State workers took a 5% cut. Dane County workers are taking a 5% cut. And just this past week, the city of Fitchburg announced plans to furlough employees....or face cuts.

Isn't it grand to live in a bubble in Sun Prairie where the recession has no impact on you at all....if you work for the school district, that is. Family Circle even lists Sun Prairie as one of the nation's top 10 places for families to live. Yup...except the senior members of those families, the ones living on Social Security or retirement investments, will have to live elsewhere and just come to visit.

Had enough yet? Then speak your piece Monday night July 6th. Otherwise it will be rubber stamped by the board on July 13th.

5:30 p.m. at the District Office (Room 100), 501 S. Bird St., Sun Prairie.
Chair: Caren Diedrich

Report prepared by: Tim Culver, District Administrator & Annette Mikula, Executive Director of Human Resources
HISTORY/SITUATION/RELATED ACTIONS: On August 11, 2008 the School Board authorized an Administrative Support Staff Group Classification and Compensation Study to be done. The study used objective job evaluation to establish internal consistency; strategic market data to pay fairly in your employment markets.

It recognized the diversity of jobs and required levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities. The study also provided plan implementation that will be useful (and which is appropriately flexible) for many years. Charles Carlson presented the findings to the Administrative Support Group on June 30, 2009 which included a new salary schedule structure.

The new salary schedule incorporates nine steps with an approximately 22% range spread. Range maximums average 10.6% higher, but have considerable variance. The schedule is analytically sound with a balance between internal and external measurement.

1. Management Team recommends adoption of the new pay plan.
[SP-EYE- But of course they do! ]
2. Management Team recommends that the board authorizes a 3.8% total package increase which is $79,371.00 for the 2009/2010 school year.
[SP-EYE- But they're not saying whhat it is for 2010-11, now are they? ]

Read the Sales Pitch on the Job Compensation Survey

See the CURRENT much will these increase?