Saturday, July 18, 2009

Excuse us for nitPicking...BUT....

We're a little tired of hearing Dr. Culver cite incorrect facts from his know the school district administrator's board table. And you should be too.

Dr. Culver is on a rabid quest to secure incredible raises for all district staff in a time when the economy is teetering on collapse. Did you READ the paper or watch the news, Dr. C? Wisconsin is just a hair below double-digit unemployment!! Yet you stated vehemently. "The Sun Prairie School District is in great financial shape".

Of course it is. That's because the taxpayers foot the bill. But the day of reckoning is fast approaching. But we digress.

The issue here is simple:
"Culver continuously states (quite incorrectly in fact) that "nearly 98% of school districts tax up to the revenue limit. Sun Prairie is in that 2% that do not do so." "
Here's the truth:

In 2008-09 school year, 85 out of 426 school districts set a tax levy UNDER the allowable limit. That's 20%, Dr. in TWO ZERO point ZERO, not TWO point ZERO. You're off by an order of magnitude. You gotta quit taking math lessons from McSeaBass.

And, yes...Sun Prairie taxed $200,000 UNDER what we could have been taxed last year. And that's GREAT...but that also pales in comparison to some other districts. In fact, of the 85 that taxed under the limit, we ranked #22 in terms of absolute dollars. That's not even in the 90th percentile! Yes, a handful of districts only taxed $1 shy of the limit, but $1 under counts.

And there are some VERY BIG names (and big $$) ahead of us on the list: Janesville, Mukwonago, DC Everest, Racine, and Hudson, to name a few. In fact, Hudson tops the list; they levied a tax $5,000,000 under the limit.

Y'all decide. When it comes to Culver-speak or the board, practice the principle of trust but VERIFY! ...and we don't want you to just take our word for it, either. See the data for yourself. Become educated on the issues. The truth shall set you free!

Districts taxing further under the limit than Sun Prairie. See all districts and how they levied.

District / Amount under Tax Levy Maximum
Hudson $5,142,387
Norris $1,913,982
Gresham $1,684,234
Campbellsport $1,404,033
Cadott Community $1,372,640
Janesville $1,230,000
D C Everest Area $1,183,801
Shawano $1,044,016
Menominee Indian $907,910
Augusta $559,299
Monroe $523,173
Cedarburg $520,576
Waterford Graded $435,643
Racine $414,255
Wauzeka-Steuben $350,100
Mukwonago $300,000
Northwood $272,514
Fall River $259,053
Union Grove UHS $250,000
Darlington Community $240,585
Florence $216,515
Sun Prairie Area $200,000