Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3.8% Across the Board RAISES!

Have our school board members been living in some remote hideaway with no access to the TV, radio, Internet or newspapers?

Must be...because while the rest of know the ones that foot the bill for the expenses THEY approve....are struggling in this recession, they are on a spending spree.

Local 60 (support staff) are stuck with the 3.25% increase they negotiated last year. The board gave the teachers union a 3.8% "package" increase. Now mind you, if ANYONE deserves a raise, even in tight times, its the folks who are actually doing the educating. That being said, these ARE tight times, and no better reason could be given for negotiating a wage freeze. But...water over the dam, that contract has been settled.

Next up, however, are the Administrative Support Team, the Administration, and Dr. Culver. The Admin Support raises got tabled Monday night, so more on that later. In the meantime, we hear things. We understand that at last week's Negotiation meeting-- though details are sketchy and suggest no vote was taken--- Phil Frei was said to indicate something along the lines of: [Admin] is entitled to a 4.5% increase (as teachers got last year]...but...given the economy...we'll take 3.8%.

Gee? You'll "take" 3.8%? Well isn't THAT taking one on the chin for the team???

So...we're expecting that sometime tomorrow, when the school board agenda comes out for Monday's meeting, you'll see a quiet little item regarding contracts for Administration. Our sources indicate that the 3.8% is a done deal. Want to know what 3.8% means??? Another $110,000 to the taxpayers. Phil Frei will tell you that that means another couple of cents on your property how can you disagree?

Time to take stand folks. If you don't think it makes logical fiscal sense to be tossing around 3.8% raises when jobs and wages are being cut all around, then:

1. CALL your school board members.
2. E-mail your school board members
3. Come to the meeting Monday July 13 and TELL them.

Tell them, "NO More". Not until this economy changes.

What does 3.8% look like?
The chart below compares last year to what a 3.8% increase would look like. administrator has retired. And yes, Paul Keats will not be with us. We know that. But you should at least know how things will look for others.

And we have a question....since the principal of Creekside is so much more highly paid than other elementary principals (because they were formally a top shelf Administrator)...shouldn't their salary be frozen anyway???????

And let's not forget that Culver gets $425/month in addition to his money so to speak. Why do some folks get less benefit $? Several are opting out of health insurance because they have coverage from a significant other. And for that they get $300/month cash that isn't included here.