Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you picker? Or a nitter?

In a lengthy diatribe at last night's school board meeting, Dr. Culver first told the audience how they had it all wrong. And, clearly, HE wasn't on any 3-minute timer!!!

Culver read from prepared notes that clearly were prepared to counter information and commentary provided by good old SP-EYE. Culver went on ad nauseam about how Administration deserved the merit based raises that were being proposed.

Then, clearly irritated, Culver pointed at the audience and temporarily lost his composure. He called the group of those in attendance "nitpickers".
In what is sure to become a memorable moment in school board meeting history, Culver proceeded to point at audience members and declare, "You pick...and you nit...and you nit...and you pick..."
Our favorite part was how he emphasized that he had no vested interest in the [raises] process (since he requested ZERO raise from the board)....wasn't telling the board how to vote.....that his goal was to achieve equity between the various employee groups (Admin, Admin Support, Teachers) so that each got a 3.8% compensation increase.

Nitpicking, eh? Way to engage the community, Dr. C! Look...if you want your back patted, you could get a gaggle of your faithful to show up at meetings to shower you with praise. Maybe. But just because you don't like what the audience that is there has to say, is it appropriate to stoop to name calling? You know...this "nitpicking" could be construed as constructive criticism...but that's a 2-way street, and you and your cronies aren't interested in compromising. You want you want, and you just label those that disagree.

And could you perhaps explain how exactly we are "nitpicking" by pointing out how the instability of the economy does not support the concept of 3.8% across the board raises. Disagree? How about we ask 25 random community residents whether they agree with YOUR raises, or whether they feel that a "net zero"--red-circling--is in order for this year?
For etymological reference, the origin of the term "nitpick" referred to the act of manually (and laboriously) removing nits (eggs) of [yuck] head lice from another's hair. Some would say that the school district way of doing business frequently develops "lice" infestations. Someone needs to address those.

Nitpicking inherently requires fastidious, meticulous attention to detail, the term has become appropriated to describe the practice of meticulously searching for errors in detail, and then criticizing them.

You can call it what you like...but there are many (arguably a majority) that feel your lack of a budget and the implementation of raises in this climate was far from nitpicking. You don't like to get called out when you step firmly in the doodie...we get that. Well...stop stepping in the cowpies, then!

Culver: Equity for all! (well...except for Local 60 that is)
Culver also waxed extensively (hmmm...that may have come out wrong) about how his goal in proposing these 3.8% raises was to have equity for all staff: The teachers agreed to 3.8%, he has proposed 3.8% for Admin Support, and now Admin is asking for only 3.,8%. Hold on there...what about Local60?

In all that talk about promoting equity and valuing the district staff, Culver seemed to forget that the Local 60 folks only got a 3.25% increase. So, if Culver really feels equity is important, why not push for only across-the-board 3.25% increases??? Oh wait...in McSeaBass Math that would mean like a 17% cut for Admin! How on earth would these folks be able to afford their $400K mansions and sea bass dinners?

Memo to ourselves: Why does Local 60 constantly get treated like a red-headed stepchild?