Wednesday, November 21, 2012

71.4% Thankful

As we all reflect on the gifts in our lives that make us thankful, here at SP-EYE, we'd like to acknowledge our school board.  Well at least 71.4% of it.

After 7 long years, we finally find ourselves with a top shelf board.  Gone are the days of rubber stamping and 15 minute Finance meetings.  We have five board members that do their homework.  They trust, but verify through independent thinking.  They are not afraid of questioning, understanding that questions only help the public understand the issue at hand.

We may not always agree with their votes (although generally we do)...but it's never been about 100% agreement.  We've just been looking for a board that will do something other than mail in their votes.

And we have one now.  And for that, we are truly thankful.  We KNOW how much time and effort it takes to research the us.  But they do it, and that is commendable.  So for those board members whose names do not rhyme with Whalen or Diedrich, know that we thank your for your efforts.

To the other two...know that change is not is here.  And we think it's here to stay.

Peace. Out