Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Henny Penny Declares: "The SPEA is Stalling!"

For a group that was squawking that the school board and district administration refused to come to the table to bargain, it sure seems like the shoe is now squarely on the other foot.

We've checked and the two sentence, 44 word "offer" reported previously is the only offer made by SPEA despite several "negotiation" meetings.

What's up with that?

Are they hanging their slim hopes on a Dane County judge?
Delaying till after January...when larger payments to retirement are required?
Hoping to vote out current members of the school board and replacing them with a "teacher friendly" board?
Do they really think this inaction is endearing them with the board?

We don't get it, frankly.  For a hyper-educated group that desperately wants to be viewed as  "professional educators", we're not seeing a lot of professionalism.

On the other hand, we have to take a moment and applaud the Local 60 folks.  This year, the historical red-headed stepchild of employee groups showed themselves to be a much more grateful and reasonable group to work with.  Sure they would have liked a 3.1% wage hike...but they were happy to take what they received.  They were patient and now are reaping the benefits.

That's something we can respect.  And something with which the board can work.