Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sun Prairie Teachers Make Contract Offer

Actually, this is a counter-offer to the district's proposal, but we felt it's brevity and content deserved top billing.

We obtained the document above from the district office this week.

File this under "Unmitigated gall"
Really?  You really think that under the new climate in Wisconsin that your existing contract should be allowed to stand?  What the teachers union needs to come to grips with is that its getting harder and harder for the public to support their petulant positioning.

Can you name one...just one...occupation that gets an automatic 3% pay raise every year just for being a year older?  And then...on TOP of that, you expect a big raise from the school board as well?  About 4-6 weeks ago, you fine folks made a plea for a 3.1% increase.  Those on "the grid" would then receive a 6.1% increase.  What other occupation still gets an annual "step increase for basically continuing to work and having a birthday.

You want to keep your old contract?  Maybe you didn't hear about Dane County workers approving a 1.9% DECREASE in pay or benefits in exchange for maintaining their contract.   You folks want to keep the contract AND get a big pay boost.   You want your cake and you everybody else's cake and then you want to have a feast.

Huh? Are We Still Beating Our Teachers?
SPEA" reserves the right" to negotiate benefits and wages once "working conditions are established"?  You'd think that we were running one of those third world sweat shops used to manufacture top "American" apparel and running shoes.

Is district administration herding teachers into some back storage room once school lets out and waterboarding them?

Seriously...what the hell kind of comment is that... "once working conditions are established"?  Hello!  McFly!  These downtrodden professional educators, with their 190 contract work days,  get their summers off and still make (most of them anyway) a wage that is considered pretty decent for even a 260 day employee.  We're in the middle of what some call "No School November".  How many of you get paid days off for not only Thanksgiving but the day before AND after?   Teachers have also had the past two Mondays off from teaching: having professional development OPTIONS--not required--- (they could just take the day off with pay), and then parent-teacher conferences from 11:30 to 7:30  this past Monday.

...and THIS is what we are to expect from "professionals"?   Complaining about working conditions that many would kill for?  Boo frickin' hoo.

Get over Act 10...OK?
Act 10 will be tied up in courts for months, and the likelihood of it remaining overturned is pretty slim.   In case our teachers were too busy enjoying their summer off, a recall election was held in June and Gov. Walker was election was re-confirmed.  You need to get used to seeing him and dealing with him for at least two more years.  This past week Republicans also took back all control of state government.

Maybe you folks didn't get the memo, but change has arrived.  And it didn't come by train.

Trying our collective patience
First, and foremost, this "offer" may not actually endear you with the people that have to approve any know...the school board?

In addition, you're quickly losing the support of community members that may have previously been in your corner.

We value teachers; but we do not cotton to unrealistic demands.