Saturday, September 1, 2012

2 People Does Not a School District Electorate Make

So...why are we suddenly talking about putting money into fund balance this year?
That idea came from TWO...that's right...EXACTLY TWO people who attended the August 16th Budget Hearing.

We seem to recall a certain resident being concerned at the July 30th meeting about "proposals" that come out of the woodwork.  We think this fits that bill.

Oh...and it gets better...those two people BOTH have direct ties to the district.  Hmmmm...sensing a plant scenario here.
We don't need to "out" these folks, but one is currently an SPASD teacher and the other happens to be a citizen representative on the Finance Committee whose WIFE happens to be an SPASD teacher.

Gee...does that mean that when two citizens that normally attend Finance and School Board meetings speak out , THEIR wishes should be taken up by the board?

Kudos to board member Mike Krachey, who sits on the Finance Committee, for sniffing out the whole "let's put money into fund balance" and subsequently making a successful motion to postpone any fund balance discussion until December or January.

Shame on Administration...or was it Finance Chair John Whalen's work....for bringing forward a folly supported by exactly two people who both have ties to the district.  Shouldn't we have a little stronger c=omposition of the electorate before suggesting any moves to the budget?