Saturday, September 15, 2012

In the Interest of Full Disclosure

The professional educators that spoke out this week in an attempt to cajole the school board into giving them not just a 2%, but a 3.1% raise were not providing full disclosure.

While their pleas are certain have touched a few hearts, we wonder if their pleas would have had any effect at all had they shared a little more information about their positions.

We heard very clear that they feel that they are undervalued...that they do not earn enough.

If we were practicing full disclosure, however, what we SHOULD have heard would go something like this..

  • Hi...I'm a professional educator with 7 years teaching experience.
  • My salary is $45,118; expressed as an hourly rate that is $29.68/hour.
  • Oh...and my spouse earns a little over $50,000/year.
  • Our household is really struggling with a combined income of only $95,000.
  • I have my summers off, as well as a week off at Christmas, a week in the spring, and several days at Thanksgiving.
  • I have many other options available to me to that allow me to enhance my salary.
  • I just completed 6 credits towards my PhD. degree, so I will be receiving a 3% increase this year for that.
  • I'm still "on the grid", so by virtue of completing another year of service, I will receive an additional 2% salary increase.
  • With the 2%, 3%, plus the 2% raise you offer, I will earn an additional $3,157/year ($263/month).
  • I feel that if you truly valued me, you would give me a 3.1% raise instead of only 2%.
  • That extra $42/month will really show me that I'm valued.

How do you suppose THAT would have gone over?