Monday, September 3, 2012

How Does One Make a Decision Without New Information?

Tomorrow night's agenda for the School Board's HR Committee included the following agenda item:

Sound of Sun Prairie Stipends

But....there are no documents attached. This is basically EXACTLY what was presented previously when the item was tabled.

The Executive Director of Human Resources recommends that the Sound of Sun Prairie stipends as stated above, be approved and forwarded to the full board.

HR Committee Minutes from 8-6-12
Caren Diedrich moved to approve and forward to the full board the 2012-2013 Athletic/Activity Payment Schedule with noted changes except for the Sound of Sun Prairie payment stipends.
Why is it that we have to look to the Sun Prairie STAR to learn WHY this item was tabled--an unusual move?  Shouldn't this have been included in the HR minutes?
Stipends were not approved for the Sound of Sun Prairie Marching Band, as a full report on the program is due to come before the board at a later date.-- SP Star 8-15-12 if a full report was requested and there is no such report attached to the agenda item, what specific new information will the committee now use to make a decision which they did not have previously?  What's the point of even having the discussion.

Or...did the HR Committee members --but NOT the general public--get a copy of the aforementioned report?
If that's the case, then double dog shame on the district for once again avoiding the light of day.  Who needs Twilight when we have our very own daylight shunning vampires here in SPASD?

Or has the sacred cow used its powers to sweep information that it does not wish to see the light of day underneath the rug?

Oh, so very many questions.  At first glance, [withholding information] is not something we would expect from Ms. Mikula.  So one big question is: if documents were withheld from the public eye, WHO ORDERED THE CODE RED?

The very simplest question we have is this:

How come we pay the SOSP folks MORE than athletics coaches, MORE than activity advisors...and most egregiously...almost 3 times MORE than we pay those teachers who are working on new curriculum????

Please, please tell us that there's a rationale we can support for this apparent nonsense.