Sunday, September 23, 2012

Could YOUR Household Make it on $112K?

We looked just at those professional educators that are married to another professional educator.
To be more specific, we only looked at those that both work in the Sun Prairie School District AND they share the same last name.  Oh, yeah...not to worry...we verified our data on the linkage.

This of course does NOT include those whose spouse works in another district, those whose spouse is an administrator, or those with different last names, which includes domestic partners.  READ:  there are a lot more than what we found.

We found 11 confirmed pairs.

The average total compensation for the pair was $112,500.
The median total compensation was $113,000.
The average years of teaching was 14.5
The range of total income was $91,150 - $146,505

We hear how terrible it is for teachers...especially those that share a home.
We're going to have to call bullspit on this one.
We're pretty sure MOST household incomes in Sun Prairie are far less than $113,000.
These are, on average, young people doing QUITE well.

Hell...even the lowest total, $91,150 is a very do-able household income.
Wikipedia (yeah...we know...) shows a median income for a household of  $51,345, and the median income for a family is $61,197.  This 2009 data.  Remember...teachers have received increases since then, but not many others.

And they forget that only one of the pair needs to carry the health insurance cost.