Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let the SPARCs fly at the Annual Meeting?

We heah 'tings.

And we hear that the SPARC (Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition, a group that swings so far left that they walk in counterclockwise circles) folks have hatched a great idea based on last years annual meeting:  instead of lowering the tax levy 2%, let's spend, spend, spend more money on schools.

We can think Jim McCourt and Phil Frei and their "options" presented last year for that.

If this rumor is true, then we're in for another rocky annual meeting.

And, again, if true, do these people ever read the rules?  A school board has the power to establish a tax levy TO OPERATE AND MAINTAIN SCHOOLS.

You cannot come to the meeting and ADD initiatives to the budget.  In fact, the electors have absolutely NO input on the budget once it's passed by the school board.  At the annual meeting, their power is to vote a tax levy to operate and maintain schools.  Period.

If a levy is voted which exceeds that necessary to operate and maintain schools, then the board is obligated to reduce the tax levy to what is required to operate and maintain schools.

Did we mention "operate and maintain schools"?  That does not translate to "new budget initiatives".

Let the sparks fly, baby!

There's no such thing as maybe,
Burn it like you fading,
No more hesitating
Let the sparks fly baby;

Give me one if it's real
And two if you can feel it,
Give me three signs that you're awake,
It only takes one spark
For two to fall apart
And three more to blow it away

Thousand Foot Krutch "Let the Sparks Fly"