Saturday, April 30, 2011

You Can Call Whalen "Buttah"...'cuz he's on a Roll

On Monday, the big task for the school board was to elect its officers for the next year.

The results were:

John Whalen remains president for the 3rd consecutive year! (4-3 vote over John Welke)
John Welke becomes Vice President (4-3 vote over Terry Shimek)
Jill Camber Davidson remains clerk (7-0 vote after Seabass withdrew his name)
Jim McCourt fights off Caren Diedrich on a 5-2 vote to remain Treasurer
Terry Shimek becomes Deputy Clerk (4-3 vote over Tom Weber)

Did anybody else notice the prevalence of 4-3 votes? It would seem to the casual observer that our "7-0" board of rubber stampers has slowly been replaced. Nothing seems cast in stone anymore. And that's a good thing.