Saturday, April 9, 2011

...And the News Many of You Have Been Awaiting

We've been working to obtain documentation for Jim "Seabass" McCourt's meal reimbursement request for attending this year's school board conference.

We now know that (drum roll) McCourt DID NOT CHARGE FOR A a MEAL! Was that because he only attended for one day and didn't spend the night? That he left before the dinner hour? We don't know how long McCourt was at the conference, but we do know that he did not even charge for lunch.

The betting on this event was pretty much split evenly. 33% were sure that McCourt wouldn't bat an eye about submitting another receipt for an expensive dinner of his favorite dish. Another 33% felt that, under the pressure of the public (SP-)eye, he might settle for Perkins instead of some 5 star restaurant. Nobody guessed that he wouldn't submit any meal reimbursement at all

Is it possible that McCourt learned a little lesson? Whatever reason he had, we appreciate McCourt's

McCourt submitted reimbursement request for only $84.46, including $10.00 for parking and $74.46 for mileage. ($146 miles at $0.51.mile).