Saturday, April 2, 2011

Election Day - Time For More Change

The school board is slowly, but surely, becoming more aligned with what we the people expect in our representation. John Welke was a great addition last year...but he needs more support on the board. Welke needs someone who shares his (our) fiscal concerns and someone who won't play for the crowd--or a specific athletic group.

We think Tom Weber is that guy.

While the STAR (read: Chris Mertes) didn't care for Jill Camber Davidson's taking on advertising in our schools, we think that's exactly why she deserves another term. Is it really worth a 7-year exclusive contact and z little more than $10K a year from a certain soft drink manufacturer to subliminally advertise its wares to our kids? We don't think so. The board could find that money and a whole lot more if they would de-pants Phil Frei and take back OurDough.

While we appreciate Mr Stackhouse's efforts over the past 6 years, it's time for the face of our school board to change a little more. We don't quite see the steady hand that editor Mertes seems to see.
So on Tuesday, April 5, we say vote early and vote often.
But cast your votes for the two people that will best represent the Sun Prairie School District.
Vote for Tom Weber and Jill Camber Davidson

Sun Prairie School Board -- We find Jill Camber Davidson’s unwillingness to entertain advertising in school to be unrealistic, particularly with the current economy and potential future revenue cuts for schools.

Challenger Tom Weber’s approach relating to budgeting might be worth a look.
At the same time, we believe incumbent Dave Stackhouse should be returned to office. Despite his pursuit of upgrading Ashley Field, Stackhouse has proven to be a steady hand on the board.
Vote Stackhouse and either Camber Davidson or challenger Tom Weber April 5.

---Sun Prairie STAR 3-24-11