Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Re-Thinking Retirement

On Monday, it seems the school board is tasked with deciding whether or not to allow several of those who turned in retirement papers to rescind their decision:

Since the retirement acceptances on February 28, 2011, there have been several persons who have inquired about the ability to rescind their retirement. The School Board needs to determine as a matter of policy if they are willing to accept such a request. If the School Board votes to adopt a policy of considering rescissions of finalized retirements they then will need to either assign a committee or delegate to administration the task of determining criteria and parameters. This process will need to be detailed; and will require advice from legal counsel to ensure that no criteria or parameters would have any adverse action on an individual or a group of individuals that may belong to a protected class of employees.

Since the budget and staffing decisions have been made based on SPEA member requests for retirement and those requests were accepted on February 28, 2011, it is the recommendation of the Management Team that the School Board not create a policy or practice that will allow staff members to rescind retirements.