Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weber Grabs Top Vote Total

In a shades of 2010 result, when newcomer John Welke smoked the other incumbents, Tom Weber grabbed the most votes in the spring school board election.  Kinda sounds like this city wants change on its school board.

Over 5000 votes for the leader? In 2006, Jim Gibbs set a school board election record with over 3,800 votes. Weber shattered that. Hmmm. It was almost like there was something dragging people to the polls in droves. Wonder what that could be? Just can't quite put a finger on it....

Weber - 5,277
Camber Davidson - 4,870
Stackhouse - 3,532

Flying saucers could land
And it wouldn't make much difference to our man
He could walk onboard and thank the lord
And leave this damn town in seconds flat
Check his bags and never come back
Oh, our love is
Like a fuse that's burned out

---B-52's "Ain't It a Shame"