Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slidin' One Between The Pads!!!!

Forgive us readers, for we have whiffed one.
Thanks to a dear reader for pointing out that the District snuck one past the goalie.  We were asleep at the switch.  We have no excuse.

It is indeed worth noting that very quietly, as part of the one year contract for Local 60, one teensy weensy little  "adjustment" occurred.  The Secretary for athletics programs got "re-classed" to a higher salary level than every other secretary in the district except Tim Culver's personal secretary. Yes, sports fans, it seems we have further evidence to support that education takes a way back seat to sports in Sun Prairie.

While we're certain the district made arguments to support this change, we wonder if any board members really did their homework and checked to see where this little "bump" placed the Athletics Secretary in the grand salary matrix scheme.  We also could make the case that other secretaries have just as significant a workload or duties.