Saturday, February 26, 2011

Board Changes Agenda...Adds SPEA & Local 60 Contracts

In a follow up to our earlier posts, we wanted to alert the community that it appears that the school board has reached agreement on two contract proposals.

Quietly, the school board has updated its agenda to this coming Monday night to include action on new contracts for SPEA (teachers union) and [AFSCME] Local 60 (support staff).  

The only question we have is what final agreement was reached.  Did the school board budge on their counter proposals?  One would think that union membership would have to ratify any agreement.  It would seem that that is happening this weekend.

Once again, however, we the people are treated like mushrooms...kept in the dark and know...

If one checks Board Docs, there is no agreement posted [as of 3:30 PM Saturday 2-26-11] , nor is there any bullet list of changes from the board's counter-proposal.  How is the public supposed to speak on a topic when they don't know the details of the topic?

Also note that the board has pulled the Kobussen busing contract.  Hmmm... Trouble in paradise?